Our Family Story

From a high school classroom to store shelves across Canada. Our family journey has been a wild and unexpected, but so much fun! Read more on our humble path to becoming a national food manufacturer of Canada's favourite pita chips!
Ameen & Surria Fadel, Founders

2015 - Idea is born in the class room

Cedar Valley began as a high school project after Ameen Fadel received a $3,000 grant from his school board in partnership with the Canadian government. Ameen partnered with his mom, Surria, to bring her family’s recipe for Fattoush salad dressing to market after a family friend recommended we bottle and sell it!

2017 - First Farmers Market

After 2 years of development, testing, and refining the product with feedback from family and friends, Ameen and Surria attended their first farmers market in Windsor, ON. Selling 81 bottles of dressing on our first day, we knew we had something here! We were giving away pita chips as an added “freebie” but customers were asking to buy them as well, so we decided to start officially selling pita chips too! These Pita Chips would later become our entire business! 

2018 - Opening Our 1st Production Facility

After attending local markets through all of 2017 and renting a restaurant to produce our products, we knew we needed our own commercial kitchen to be able to grow! We moved into our very first 1000 sq ft facility so we could start servicing more local stores and the local Windsor community.

2018 - Sobeys Local Program

In February of 2018, Ameen walked into his local Sobeys and left with an order for 10 cases of Cedar Valley! This was our first BIG retailer and the official partnership with Sobeys. Sobeys helped us expand our flavour offerings and lead us in the right direction to grow!


2019 - Whole Foods Market Launch

As we expanded to selling our products at more stores across ontario,  Whole Foods Market agreed to test the products in their 7 stores, and we blew it out of the water!! Needed to produce more than we ever could, we began renting a government food manufacturing facility in Colborne, ON to produce 10X the amount we could at our 1000 sq facility.



2020 - 5000 sq ft Facility

After seeing major potential at retail, we took leap of faith and moved into a 5000 sq ft facility to produce our Pita Chips and build a custom manufacturing line. This would alow us to scale across Canada, shipping from this facility to our 50 Ontario retail locations.



2023 - 1800+ Retail Locations

With determination and hard work paying off, we partnered with some of Canada’s largest retailers to bring our products to over 1800+ retail locations across the country, available in every province!! 



2023 - Dragons' Den Deal

WE MADE IT INTO THE DEN!! An incredible accomplishment for our family owned business! We went in confident, and walked out with a $1,000,000 deal with the infamous Arlene Dickinson!! 


 Our journey continues to build...

And we are so excited you are a part of it!! Follow along for updates and exciting launches! We love and appreciate you for supporting our local family business!