Fresh Food.

Family Focused.

Founded by Ameen Fadel, at the age of 16 in Lakeshore, Ontario, Cedar Valley Selections began with the creation of Canada’s FIRST bottled Fattoush Salad Dressing. With a small grant from Ameen’s school board and his mom’s signature recipe, he had all he needed to begin his venture. 

Following over a year of product development, testing, and sampling with Ameen's high school teachers, Cedar Valley Selections’ Signature Fattoush Dressing was ready. After just selling to family and friends, Ameen approached his first local deli in Belle River, ON and had finally brought Canada its very first bottled Fattoush Dressing.

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To make eating healthy easy, fun and flavourful, for one family at a time.


“Health starts with great food”

My goal from the beginning was to create a company that focused on quality above all. There are so many products out there that claim to be "good for you" yet in reality they take advantage of the everyday consumer's lack of knowledge of how certain ingredients are modified and processed, and in-turn, bad for your health.

Part of our mission is to educate consumers on the ingredients they should be on the lookout for and the specific ingredients that will actually increase their health. At the same time we're here to bring you options you can trust and are comfortable feeding yourself and your family, without having to compromise on flavour.

- Ameen Fadel

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What Makes Us Unique.


Made with Real Quality Ingredients.  

The quality of our products come above all. We are 100% committed to using the highest quality ingredients we can safely and ethically source in order to bring you a product that not only tastes amazing, but is great for you.


Recyclable Packaging.

From our glass bottles to our stand-up pouches, you can recycle our products to ensure less waste  in our landfills. Our goal is to continuously improve and innovate toward a more sustainable future. We are hard at work to develop 100% sustainable packaging that is not only recyclable, but compostable.


Made In Canada.

Locally made, in the best place in the world. Our products are produced in Canada with domestic and imported ingredients to ensure the best quality products while creating jobs and economic improvement.


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