Our Story

Mother & Son Duo

Founded by Ameen Fadel, at the age of 16 in Lakeshore, Ontario, Cedar Valley Selections began with the creation of Canada’s 1st bottled Fattoush Salad Dressing. With a small grant from Ameen’s school board and his mom’s signature recipe, he had all he needed to begin his venture.

Following over a year of product development, testing, and sampling with Ameen's high school teachers, Cedar Valley Selections’ Signature Fattoush Dressing was ready. After just selling to family and friends, Ameen approached his first local deli in Belle River, ON and had finally brought Canada its very first bottled Fattoush Dressing.

Our Promise

Spreading Moments of Joy, Love, and Wellness

Knowing what is in our food, having comfort in the health benefits derived from quality ingredients, and simultaneously savouring each bite simply makes us feel good. Experiencing this with others makes us feel great.

For centuries, food has had the power to bring people together. The communal table gives us an opportunity to explore new cultures, have great conversations, and create authentic connections with others. At Cedar Valley Selections, we hope to bring this experince to your home and share a part in creating lasting memories with family, friends, and beyond.

What Makes Us Unique

Real Quality Ingredients.  

The quality of our products come above all. We are committed to using the highest quality ingredients we can safely and ethically source in order to bring you products that not only tastes delicious, but are great for your body. With non-inflamitory oils, healthy fats, fresh ingredients, and zero preservatives, our product lines offer real solutions to help you enjoy eating well.


Made In Canada

With facilities located in Ontario, we are proud to produce products in Canada. With products made from domestic and imported ingredients, we are committed to ensuring high-quality standards, while creating jobs and economic improvement right here at home.