We built a business around our family values: trust, integrity, and honesty.


We want you to feed your family
how we feed ours.

Our Story

Ameen was only 16 years old when he set the goal to bring his mom's salad dressings and family recipes into the homes of thousands of Canadians. He knew from experience that his friends loved a good Fattoush salad thrown together by his mom - so wouldn't everyone else?

After Ameen and Surria started sampling Canada's first bottled Fattoush dressing at markets and local shops, customers kept asking for the pita chips they received with their taste tests. Using Surria's family recipe for pita chips, the Classic Spice Pita Chips were a product born completely out of customer demand! Happy customers consistently communicate that these chips are flaky and melt in your mouth, and you don't feel like you're going to lose a tooth when you crunch into them!

To ensure quality production of these delicate, artisanal chips, Ameen and Surria created a Pita Chip production facility in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. Besides Classic Spice, Garlic and Herb and Sea Salt and Black Pepper Pita Chips are a few more amazing flavours you can get your hands on in stores across Canada.

What Makes Our Pita Chips Unique?

Real Ingredients

Committed to sourcing the highest quality ingredients to bring you a product that not only tastes amazing, but is great for you.

100% coconut oil

Coconut oil is stable at high heat, so if you're going to eat a fried chip you are making a better choice for your body with our flaky bites of goodness.

Made in Canada

Created from domestic and imported ingredients, we're proud of the Canadian factory we've built to bring our product to market.

Our pita chips are flaky, light, and addictive. Sorry, not sorry.

- Ameen Fadel, Co-Founder

Try Our Pita Chips!

Ready to give your tastebuds an exercise? Try our pita chips, you won't regret it! Choose a minimum of 3 bags to get started. We stand behind our product and know you'll love them!