We built a business around our family values: trust, integrity, and honesty.


We want you to feed your family
how we feed ours.

Our Story

Ameen was only 16 years old when he set the goal to bring his mom's salad dressings and family recipes into the homes of thousands of Canadians. He knew from experience that his friends loved a good Fattoush salad thrown together by his mom - so wouldn't everyone else?

As a mom of five, Surria Fadel knows how to feed a family! Surria knows that simple is best; she chooses whole, minimally-processed ingredients to ensure optimal nutrition for her kids. In today's food industry, it's easy (and encouraged) to take shortcuts with our meals. We eat on the go and often don't have the time required to make balanced meals every single day of the week. Ameen and Surria decided this could be easier: it's possible to have quick, easy options that are good for you because they use high quality ingredients!

What began as a school project quickly turned into a giant entrepreneurial venture. The Fadels spent a year in product development, with lucky taste-testers like Ameen's teachers, friends, and hockey teammates giving initial product feedback. Canada's First Bottled Fattoush Dressing hit the shelves in 2016. Since then, four additional flavours have joined the Dressing family that you can now find in over 325 stores across Canada.

What Makes Us Unique?

Real Ingredients

Extra virgin olive oil is our first ingredient, always. We're committed to sourcing only the best for our products.

Recyclable Packaging

Our dressings are packaged in glass bottles which means less waste headed to our landfills.

Made in Canada

Created from domestic and imported ingredients, we're proud of the Canadian factory we've built to bring our product to market.

Our dressings are packed with healthy ingredients and exceptional taste.

- Surria Fadel, Co-Founder

Try Our Dressings!

Ready to give your tastebuds an exercise? Try our dressings by building your own pack! Choose a minimum of 3 bottles to get started. We stand behind our product and know you'll love them!